I decided early that 2007 would be the year of hard work.
And it was.

Now i´m thinking what to make of 2008. Thinking about things missing in my life.
I think i´m gonna try to be more efficient with my time and take care of myself in a broader sense.

To breathe, relax, go slow, letting in people and friends again. I don´t know.

Some of my closest friends… are in places in their lives that seems completley insane to me.
Spending time on…well only god knows how they are thinking. From my perspectieve, they´re running blindfolded through mine-fields chasing illusions.

But that don´t compromise my love for them, or my longing for their company again. So hard to combine. So hard to feel so double. Shure, i can accept it all. I really can. In my rational head. But my intuition drives me crazy. That lump of doubt that´s lingering in my stomach is impossible to remove.

So maby i have to walk in solitude a little longer. My work creating what i need around me is far from over but what i have accomplished around me so far, even at this early stage, is a wonderful life to wake up to every day. The secret of greatness lies in conquering simplicity.

2007 was the year of hard work. I will try to make 2008 the year of love, tolerance, acceptance and unconditional loyalty. To recieve it, i must be able to give it. Simple as that.

What will stay with me from 2007, is my newly aquired ability to say “no” and to draw strict lines for how i let people treat me (i call it a “fuckoff-superpower”)…and also the ability of beeing happy without acknowledgment from others. THAT was a hard nut to bust, and i´ll never change back again. 🙂