Sorry for not beeing around for a couple of days. I´m focusing. Important period regarding work and stuff.

-We got it together. Kingens record will be promoted April-September in the US. Rainmaker Public Relations have provided an outline of the campaign that´s about to take place, involving phonecalls, mail, distributing records for rewiewing etc.

– This week another good thing happened. I recently sent a song from Kingens album to “Crucial Music” in Los Angeles (a company that works in licensing music for TV-shows, commericals and feature films). A few days ago i recieved a mail saying we passed their screening process and they will include that song in their catalogue and start to pitch it right away!! They loved it! They have an impressive track record with a lot of songs placed in blockbuster movies and TV-series like “CSI”, “Greys Anatomy” and films like “American Pie” among hundreds of others. A major player it seems, and now they have turned some of their attention to us, a small player in Sweden, just because they saw great potential in that particular song i sent.

I knew that Americans love papershuffling, but i never imagined the vast amount of papers, releases, license agreements and such that comes with it. A shitload to sign and send. So now the game is on. Exciting i must say.

It feels so good presenting the album to companies working in a market (the US) that totally and instantly understand the record, loves the songs and see a huge potential in it. Americans never touches anything with enthusiasm if there´s no potential in making money from it, so i feel very confident that they will at least give this material their best shot.

This is only the beginning. There are at least three more interesting licensing companies to approach with songs from the album. I know it may be long shots, but it´s very clear from all the reactions that the album is marketable over there. The rest is about hard work, a little luck and even more hard work. It could mean everything…or nothing at all. We´ll just have to wait and see.

I never heard of any artist or label from this region ever making these moves on American companies, having these ambitions and it puzzles me a bit. Anyone could do it really. At least i think so. Or maby i have a talent for it, i don´t know. Still it´s challenging, educating and inspiring.

At the same time, we´re working the Swedish market. Calling radiostations, writing to magazines about the album and so on. It is slowly starting to move. The album is climbing on eight different domestic/regional radiostations playlists, placing in medium to heavy rotation. It´s a start.

So, this is what i´ve been up to. Ill keep you informed on the progress.