(First a disclaimer to my soulmates and friends on FB before you read this; you are welcome to keep on poking me on FB and messing around, i adore you, this blog is aimed at all the anonymous “Sultry Brenda from Nevada would like to be your friend” morons on FB)


Well…one can tell for shure that the inventors of Facebook are all pimplefaced pubertynerds.

The site is BURSTING with silly applications like “Who has a secret crush on you” and “Would you date this person” and a million others like´m.

It´s a loooot of sneaking around the bush and second hand communication.

Well. I´m soon to be 40 years old

So STOP secretly admire my ass off!

Just.. BLURT IT OUT or shut up about it for crying out loud!

I wont get interested or even curious from getting cryptical messages from some lame application on an annoying website if i haven´t exchanged a word with you first!

Instead, write like this: “Hi Stefan, i find your opinions very intriguing and your verbal skills impressive, may i add you as a friend?”