Ok. I´m in.

I celebrate christmas on my own terms. I made one present for each of my three kids.
That´s it.

I did not shop.
I did not have arguments with my family.
I never felt anxiety.
I did not let christmas in.
At all.

Tomorrow, i´ll be celebrating christmas with my ex-girlfriend at her parents.
You think it´s weird?

No. It is the most natural thing in the world.
It is gonna be calm, free from alcohol, free from stress and expectations. Free from forced traditions.

Like it´s not christmas at all.

Christmas commerce has nothing on me.
The market created the anxiety.
I bailed out.

I am gonna sit with my daughter o my lap, watching her face shine, ignoring all the fuss aorund us. Enjoying the food, feeling calm and carefree.

Christmas has nothing on me.

I´m free.

And so very very happy i escaped it all.