…Bowie once sang.

Are you afraid of changes? Why?

Changes are what moves us forward.
Changes are what makes you grow.

A lot of people i know hang on to old stuff in their life just because they like the “status quo” of things.’

Well, let me tell you. -Changes provokes creativity and evolution.

When you remove something that has been the same for ages, a relation, a business or whatever.. there becomes a gap. Something is missing, something that needs to be filled. That is a good, lustful thing! Without the force of changing, there is none of that.

Maby the world need to be market driven for a while so everybody can get to understand the point of democracy. Maby things have to burn and fall for us to see the need for caring and respect. Let it all change and then let´s fix it after it has fallen.

Change is always better than stagnation.
Change is a gift. A cathalyst. A force of evolution.

Change is good in itself. No matter what change leads to. Because change always open up possabilities for good or bad things to happen. If the good forces are stronger, then something good comes out of it. If bad forces are stronger, then things will need to change again.

Everytime something is forced to change, there is a opportunity to create.

If change is prevented for ever taking place, things stop to evolve. In all aspects. If you fail to change or adapt, you will sufficate in the fumes of your own sentimentality, becoming miserable.

Change is what you make of it. Learn to adapt, and change will never be a threat. It will be an opportunity created for you to take.

Use change. Benifit from change. Embrace change.

Grow. Learn. Let go. Control the outcome of change instead of fearing it.

Take the initiative to changes. Quit a job. End a relation.

Move on.

Love itself lives in the concept of change.

Break circles. Make room for fresh evolution.

Do not be afraid. Let go of the past. We are here right now.

This is the day we live. The past was situated for functioning under other circumstances. The past does not fit today. And more important: -The past is no longer here with us today.

We can´t bring yesterday back.

So let it change. Let it all change.