A friend of mine descided to drop out of the university.

Strangely, it scared me a little. I thought, “oh no, little one, you´re about to experience all the troubles and pains that i had to struggle with outside the common fences of the system”.

It was my old fear that surfaced. I wanted to protect her, to force her back onto the waggon of normality and blindness.

Then i stopped and realized of course, that i wouldn´t be able to live with myself seeing her going through life inside the cramped little box that academic education often creates.

I let go of that mislead feeling, and started to cheer, sitting alone in my sofa!
I felt so good, reading about her choices and her reasons.

I LOVE YOUR MIND!, YOU HEAR? (that was a personal message LOL)

“Anotherone off the hook” i thought to myself.

Don´t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with education. All you who read this and have a good education or academic ambitions should be proud of yourself. I respect your choices. I just want to bring something to your attention; just don´t let the culture of the old institutions form your values and personality. Once you have matured and created your own platform from your own will and choices, then it´s ok to pick whatever you like from the academic world and educate yourself.

The problem comes from letting your person be defined and raised by the culture and values of the academic system as a teenager or in your early twenties. It can ruin your personality for life.

It´s not the knowledge in itself that is harmful, it´s the ugly, obsolete culture in and around the academic instiutions that is the problem.

I thought to myself… hell i´ve had five companies of my own and i´ve had high positions in public companies and i didn´t even finish college!

Curiousity, a dynamic will to learn, adapt, explore and to work hard, can take you anywhere along the way.

Me beeing self-educated often gave me the upperhand at job-interwiews, as i stood out from the others that was shaped in the same mold…and i often (with enthusiasm) declared my ideas for the company in question , what i wanted to do with my task if they hired me.

Your private life has to be driven by responsability, creativity, empathy and love.
Your professional life also has to be driven by responsability, creativity, empathy and love.

See? Can you argue with that?

The opposite; a life that is driven by fear and anxiety will eventually crash. Every single time.

Shure, it can give you a few good years while the illusion lasts, but, if your private or professional life is driven by things like hate, revenge, fear, self-pity etc., you will wake up one day as a lonely self-abuser, divorced, empty and with a pointless life behind you.

Born in vain.

That´s the dangers of the modern world.

So you must obey your inner lust. The happy drivingforces inside you.

They will take you…anywhere.

Anything you do, anything you take on, will be meaningful.

Choose your future.