You know, my last blog was written conciously to be very unpleasant, provocing and challenging.
Strong words creates strong emotions. I know.

We all know, that a change will not come simply by feeling bad about ourselfs or taking on the collective guilt and responsability for people suffering in this world, as an individual.

I am not blaming you or me as individuals.

The issues of poverty and injustice are so complex, that it takes a global change of mindset to make it better.

Still i think it´s important to really point out the facts. To create a disturbing little thought, maby leading to analysis about our behaviour and our values.

It´s because of the fact that we distance ourselves from even taking in the whole picture, that the problems can continue to exist and grow in the first place.

It is our mutual greed and addictions, combined with denial and refusal of empathy that slowly leads us to extinction. A day at the time.

I´ll write it once more; Overconsumption, general overuse of resources, lack of human interaction, dialogue and communication, twisted and abused religion and politics are pushing the world to a limit where it is very likely that it will simply explode in our faces in a very near future.

What is there to do about it?

I´ll tell you;- Just change your own attitude and lifestyle a little bit.
Just a little bit, is enough. Take it in, do small positive things to yourself, your fellow man and the world around you through small adjustments in every day life.

I will give you the method.

Down below i´ll write what´s holding you down, keeping you hostage, keeping you from beeing happy. So i´ll tell you the secrets of instant personal revolution;

Don´t watch so much TV.
-It´s holding you down.

Eat something a little bit more healthy.
-Bad food is holding you down.

Take care of your loved ones.
-Lack of closeness holds you down.

Radically cut down on your consumtion.
-Consumption is an abusive replacement for real emotions. Just like drugs. It holds you down.

Kick your addictions and abusive behaviours.
-These are holding you prisoner and keeps you away from happiness.

Speak freely about your thoughts among your friends.
-Honesty makes you feel good and creative.

Donate to something.
-This makes you part of reducing the shit of the world. Making you feel good.

Quit drinking and smoking.
-This will fill you with energy and stabilize your emotions instantly. Returning your true self, to yourself.

Choose a better politician.
-Bad politicians are holding your future hostage.

Take long walks.
-With power, strenght and fresh oxygen in you body and mind, your depressions will release their grip on you a bit.

Light a candle once in a while.
-A moment of reflection and contemplation will make you feel less lost.

Read some books.
-You will be as thrilled as you are by TV-series, but your mind will be working, excersizing, making you motivated, skilled and creative.

Cut your computertime.
-To much computertime holds you down.

There are thousands of little things one can do in everyday life, that improves your selfrespect, your self esteem, your ability to think and love in a sound way, feeling a bit more free and relieved.

You don´t have to take on the whole world, just yourself. That´s all there is to it.

If you succed in doing this, that heavy lump of pain, doubt and sorrow in your chest will dissapear, just like magic. Wouldn´t that be nice?

-Or maby you have gotten so attached to that little lump, giving you excuses not to act because “you are a victim of circumstances and completly incapable of making your life better”?

Then, tell me, are you incapable of doing all the things i wrote above?

None of them costs any money. None of them takes very much time. Still, combined, they will turn your life around completly making you happy every hour awake, without any particular reason.

Wouldn´t that be great?

Just try it for a month or two. It´s not like it´s very hard. You can always drop it and continue as usual. We can always start to contribute to the shit of the world again, like we´ve always done.

I´m just presenting an alternative and a few free shortcuts to unconditional happiness, (the one thing that every born human seems to be searching for).

So now you have it. The recipie. The map. The method.

Now you have no excuses to sit in a corner feeling enslaved and helpless. Just do it. It works.

Nevermind me. I´m just here to kick your ass around a little.