A real love.

I would give my life for her
Just as she would for me.

I would be everything to her.
Just as she would be for me

I would understand her and forgive her anything.
Just as she would understand and forgive me

My love would help her fill out the blanks in her character.
Just as her would fill out mine.

I´d maby compromise my dreams a little, just to make hers come true.
Just as she would for me.

I would long for her hands, her body, her caring at all times.
Just as she would long for mine.

I would give her freedom and space to grow, and endulge her.
And she would give the same to me.

I´d make shure she´d always feel beautiful and respected.
Just as she ´d make me feel.

We would give eachother children, and raise them by our values, the best we could.
We would accept, that life only gets as good as we choose to make it.

Dear santa, could you please also bring the following message to the woman, who awaits me:
“Man and woman are full of flaws, but also capable of giving meaning, happiness and fullfillment to eachother.
This is human nature, and one must accept this, to avoid a lifetime of crying over nothing.
Just trust my intentions, to do the best i can, every hour, every minute, to deserve you and make your life grand..
I may fail occasionally, but in the end i will always look you straight in the eye and deliver, because you deserve all that is beautiful in me, no one else would do you justice. I just know this in my heart.”

Life just is. Life is beautiful.

A real love

This is, what a real life is made of.

Everything else, is just innocent time passing, picking us up like a bus, taking us from start to end, not caring who we are, or afterwards, who we were and what we did with our lifes.

It´s just innocent, ignorant time passing.

Therefore: make your life count.

Merry Christmas.