..of living very far from what the world seems to be about?
Like…you don´t care about magazines, tabloids, TV, commercials and all the noise the world is making to make your soul numb and dumb?

I feel like that most of the time… and reallly can´t descide if it´s a good thing.
On one hand, it makes me feel focused, calm, sharp and secure of what i´m doing.
On the other hand, it makes me feel alienated from the rest of humanity, because they don´t share my perspective and are still caught up in it. (And theyré probably happy and content about that, not knowing anything else other than there´s a hole somewhere that keeps them from beeing happy).

I sometimes feel like the collective of global marketforces is holding humanity hostage.
“Buy this, read that, whatch this movie, behave like this, crave that or you are not a member, you don´t belong”.

One can understand that this creates a HUGE frustration in people, as none of these messages are possible to base a real life upon.

As loving humans.

Simply not possible. There is no foundation or base in it. It´s just shallow intentions from the market, shouting in our ear, from dusk til dawn.

So we fall apart. We burn out. We abuse. We cheat.

Suffering from a loss of basic needs as security, love, comfort, honesty, trust, acceptance and heart-to heart-communication.

It´s just a reflection. Again. I´ll be damned if i care.. as long is i´m content in my beliefs.

And yes, a post on this theme will be written on a regular basis. I´ll nag it into your heads.