Well.. here´s the thing: Facebook really puts everyone you have ever known at your virtual doorstep. It can be confusing sometimes… and hard to remember what and when you met, or forgot eachother.

When your forty, and have had three completley different lives in your line of work over two decades and met with thousands of people by touring as a musician, living fast in the Internet-bussiness-lane or worked running a theathre/conference facility with thousands of concerns every month… there is a lot going on in your head.

Add to that, a serious depression/burnout-diagnosis with three years of recovery, an everchanging family life and a lot of entrepeneuring in general, it becomes hard to put everyone in to context in your life at the present time. But it´s fun! I apologize to all i don´t have the time to talk or write to, it´s just so very fun meeting up here again and having you around. 🙂

Well, i want you all to know that my life today consists of the following:

1. My soon to be four year old daughter. And of course my older kids from earlier relationships.
2. A record company, publishing company and recording studio that i run with a friend, mainly servicing the ComputerGame-bussiness with sound, music and voice actors (and some ordinary music recording as well of course)
3. IT and media consulting, this is something i started doing in the late nineties and i love it, keeps me fresh in the head.

Single, humanist, slightly spiritual, longing for a more focused and calm life.

Thats about it. And i have big dreams, hopes and plans as always. 🙂

Now when you are updated, tell me something back!

big love