“If the canvas is blank, the only thing people see reflected on the surface is themselves.”

(-John Twelve Hawks, author of “The Traveller”, just read it.)

Östersund 2008, a warm January night:

-It puzzles me. This “power-money-control-trip” that occupies and consumes so many people in the world. Both “leaders” and everyday people.

We are only here for a very short time. What use is there to make such sacrifices and efforts as they do, to aquire this “power” for a few short decades? “Power” over what? “Money” to buy what?

It will all fade and vanish so very quickly and suddenly all these persons who have spent their lives achieving it becomes an 85-year old shadows of themselves, with no use of their bodies, no use of their power, no use of their money.

Then what good was it all? To get a little high in the meantime? And then what? People just don´t understand that we are only here for a short flash of time. We will not be here to wake up forever. This world will continue without us, as it existed before us, ignorant to our desires for power, money and recognition.

Shure, one can spend the period between say 30 to 70 in the constant struggle of achieving and then keeping the earthly “success” (as defined by the market and media), enjoying a few buzzes, orgasms and ego-trips along the way, but… are these shallow rewards really worth calling “a real life lived” when it´s time to die?
It feels so…”small” an pityful in a way don´t ya think? We lose it all when they bury us anyway.

Think of all the things such people often has to sacrifice along the way to achieve this “power”,money and rewards;

-Personal develpoment and awearness (because greed is the direct opposit of humanism).
-Maturing into a loving caring humanistic person (see above).
-He or she may never get to have real friends, experience real love or having close relations to their kids and families.
-Their health often gets compromised and ther minds get blurry from different kinds of neuroses or chemical or physical addictions.

I say that such shallow, powertripping people are “born in vain”. No matter if he or she is the president of the united states or a homeless under a bridge. -They are all born in vain, for sure. Born without ever having served a real purpose to anyone really, in all the aspects that matters.
People are often just… born like a helpless piece of flesh…and then shoved into societys prepared vehicle, then taken on a journey through their lives towards death doing pointless things all aiming to satisfy their own earthly, greedy, superficial needs.

I pity these people.

They come into this world innocent and umcompromised. Then society teaches them to be greedy, selfish and ignorant. Then they spend their lives striving for power and money, social status and recognition. Isn´t this very sad? Eventually, they just…die, like everybody else, without ever having experienced the true qualities a real life can offer.

Did they ever love? Did they ever get loved? Are they going to be missed? Did they have children? Did they make the world a better place in any sense? Were they driven by love (or fear)? Did they bring their children up in a loving, caring and responsible way? Did they set a good example for their kids? Did they teach their kids to respect themselfs and others, to be tolerant, unselfish, ambitious and joyful?

-Because that´s what it´s all about. Doing these things, is the only way you can die happy, beeing shure of that you were not born in vain. Your succes as a human, measures from the sum of the humanistic tracks you leave behind (creative and loving or destructive and hateful) and most of all, what values you gave your kids, and how they see you.

That´s all.

Nothing else matters Mrs Bush.
Nothing else matters Mr. Usama.
Nothing else matters Mr. Trump.

If you believe different dear sirs, you have been fooled, i´m sorry.
There´s actually a big risk that all three of you, and all the people of your kind and mindset, were born in vain, beeing of no use to others when it comes to the only true and constant values in a life lived;

-Unconditional, unlimited love.
-Unlimited forgiveness.
-Unlimited unselfishness.

Jesus once set these standards.

(No,´m not religious in that sense, i just acknowledge his values and standards).

I´d say we failed him big time.
Mankind is mainly a faliure, but there may be enough exceptions to make getting up in the morning worth while. (I´m almost shure there are, as i have some wonderful friends to prove it.)

I don´t know about myself. In spite of my ambitious words, it´s possible that i´m already to corrupted to make a fresh start, but i´ll try my best not to pass the sick heritage and values from the industrial era on to my daughter.

I can only do my very best.

One small man in the middle of the river of life.