God, i´m the mood today! In the mood for vacuum cleaning, creating, taking a walk or whatever.

I slept so well the last week, feeling something falling into it´s right place.

We have a World Championships in Biathlon in my town you know.

The buzz, hype and hysteria is huge! Feels good that everything is going well, even if i really don´t care much about sports.

The lasting memory will not be of the games, it will be of the city transforming itself to an illuminated dream of visual art. This town, when dressing in white, is beautiful even without lights at night, but for the WC they have dressed at lot of profile-buildnings in art-light-installations. Surrealistic, wonderful and magic. Like having a 24/7 Disney Trip.

The restaurants are dissapointed. 30 000 extra people in the area but very few of them goes out to drink and spend money on nightclubbing. I think this is a promising trend. 😀

I´ve been out walking a lot with my videocam in a firm grip, capturing small and big events along the way. Last saturday at 10 p.m. i was in town square, seeing old and young people, familys, musicians, businesspeople walking side by side, amazed by the beauty of the town. It was very calm and friendly.

Today i´m gonna take a grip on all of my different companies webpages. They´re are very neglected by me right now, and i need to communicate through them in a better manner. So, i´ll give it some thought.

The trick is to do a lot with little resources.

Now, off to work again!