Some days i´m so greatful.

So greatful for me making certain choices.

For you beeing so generous.

For me beeing a good father.

For the way the air smells five o clock in the morning, when i open my balcony door and realizes that spring came to me first this year.

I´m so thankful for me beeing able of letting go, and then welcoming back.
Just like that.

So greatful for my daughters every word, every gesture, every question, every smile.

I´m so greatful that love never leaves me nowadays. No matter what happens around me.
It never leaves me because it´s inseparable from what i am. I am love.

I learned to love.

To love, in itself, is a much stronger feeling, than the need to be loved beeing fullfilled.

The ability to love unconditionally was the hardest thing of all for me to learn on this long journey.

Now i can. I feel it. I can.

Of course i can cry for a few moments, losing something that i´ve become attached to… but just for a few moments…sadness can be a natural and healing quality in the process of….love…it´s natural…but then that warm understanding of that i´m not really losing it, since i never owned it comes upon me, and i feel so very happy about it all.

Only by freeing love completly, you can make it return. This is not and old hippie-cliché, this is a fundamental fact from the very basics of the mechanisms of love. Many people claim that they can “let go and love unconditionally”, but when you put them to the test, they stand there, needy and broken, in a puddle of tears. It takes time and hard work to free oneself from the need of beeing “loved” by others. To often, you make your happiness dependant of another persons affection and prescence.

You will never be happy until you can overcome that mechanism.

I´m so blessed from having had that unconditional love around me at this point, when i really needed love to prove itself.

I lived it. I learned it.

Now i go without fears, knowing that..

I. Am. Love.