-About American Idol, Reality Shows, Mainstream Music, Fashion, Commercials, Tabloids, Lifestyle Magazines. Social status, gossip, Britney, money, cars, bling, watches, fame, power, recognition, small town obscurities, sports, greed, drugs, immature love-neuroses, envy, intolerance and cowardness.

-I don´t care.
-I don´t care.
-I don´t care.

Please believe and understand me. I REALLY, TRULY DO NOT CARE!

At all.

I will rip your head off and shit down your throat if you keep boring me with the above dragging me through endless conversations about such dead, irrelevant things or values.
Please stop bringing all of the above before me, as i will ignore you completly if i suspect any tendency of you carrying any of the above qualities, subjects or values with you without bringing any concern of or attention to what i specify below:

-Intelligent, mature, awearness.
-Tolerance and generousity.
-True unconditional love.
-Creativity and kindness.
-Constructive, unselfish, positive ideas and goals.
-The future.
-The children.
-The nessecary evolution of world politics..
-The environment. (Oh yes, and not just because of it beeing political correct, believe me)

This is what i DO care about.
Can it be, that i´m so unique in honoring such beliefs?
Are they so…wrong and misplaced?

Morally, i know they are not.
But are they implementable in this world?

In your heart?

Do you-u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d this?
Do you h-e-a-r me?

If not, please keep away. My life is too short to let you steal even a second of my time, that i can spend so much better than wasting it on ignorant self-pitying “life-avoiders”.

I need a bigger chunk to chew. I feel so overcharged with emotional and intellectual capacity with nowhere to release it.

Enough of the preaching already. 😀 Sometimes my frustration and anger makes it hard for me to sleep, so i´ll move on to lighter territories:

I´m just finished reading Bob Dylan´s autobiography. It added another layer of evidence to my perception of the world. What a giant soul the man carries. In his biography, he kills off the myth surrounding himself completly, revealing the contour of a simple poet with a great love for humanity and a big sorrow over it´s destiny. Simplicity. Clarity.

Fellowship. I felt so related to him.

Love is all we have to live for.

Now.. i really need to get some sleep.
The everyday ordinary life-battle continues tomorrow, and the day after that, for as long as it takes i guess.

God (or something in that genre) bless my family and my friends.