… if i let you in.
(Have no idea why i just wrote that)

Well.. days go by. They just do.
Some days leave their mark, some don´t.

I have a newly awakened passion for creating, and that´s a good feeling. At the same time, i feel there are lesser reasons to do anything i don´t like anymore.
I don´t wanna hang with people i don´t care about. I dont want to get drunk. (But i accidently was recently, that´s another story). I do not care for dating much. Politics (witch i am involved in) bores me to death.

It´s not that i am depressed. I´m really not! I just cant find the motivation to spend any more time on useless things or pointless socializing.
I have nothing to prove anymore. Feeling beyond it all, the rat race, the competition or for that sake; -the painfully predictable game of love.

I nee a higher challenge a bigger chunk to chew, a larger soul to confide in, a relevant cause to dedicate myself to.

I so much want to live a life with bigger qulities than most people satisfy with.
I don´t mean more money or material stuff… it´s more like… searching for “high-Octane fuel for a Jet-motor soul.” 🙂