Do you?

And… what good does it do? Feel comfy? Hardly. I hear people around me all the time calling people things behind their back, assuming things abut them without any first hand information, creating distorted rumours that other people soon accept as facts.

These are dangerous grounds to walk. It doesn´t change anything, it doesn´t create anything, all it does is adding a little more shit in the world to the huge pile that is already there. “Now that´s constructive.”

Furter; it also creates guilt in the person saying these things. A numb little feeling of sorrow in the gut, combined with the short thrill of self-rightiousness that comes right after talking down someone not present, meaning you create the illusion for a few seconds that you are better.

Uttering the words “She´s an idiot” (or he) in a conversation does not bring ANYTHING good with it. Still it is so very common in everyday social life.

What it brings is pain, suspicion, lack of trust and negative vibes in the very moment. So… please be careful of what you blurt out. You might as well point a gun at the head of the person you´re pinning down by talking bad about him/her. You are also immediatly hurting yourself, by lowering your mood, getting mad.

Next time some bullshit is about to leave your mouth, stop and ask yourself “Am i hurting myself or anyone else by saying this?” Then make a choice. If you choose to change the message into something good or constructive every single time, you will be a much happier person, you will feel proud and good about yourself, very fast. This means you will grow integrity, courage, intelligence and awearnress.

Of course, you can also choose to pass on this advice.

Please, feel free to say “I´m an idiot”.