The world is.

Ignoring the signs.

As are you.

And i.

Stock markets crumble.

A father stabbed his family to death last week in Sweden. His kids; -one and three years old.

Kids go to school with machine guns. Regullary. Happens every year. In random countries, on random occations. Gunning down anything. Everything.

Ignoring the signs.

Are we.

Letting it pass.

Making it a normality.

Something that must be accepted it seems.
I can´t interprete it in any other way. Since we are letting it continue.

The weather is turning on us.

Hatecrimes increasing.

China points the big gun at Tibet.

Ignoring the signs.

Are we.

Every twentieth minute, a man beats a woman beyond recognition.

In Sweden alone.

Every minute, a child dies from starvation. One died while i was writing this sentence.

One more while you are reflecting on the fact, reading this one.

Now it´s about three of them dead, since i started to write about it. And counting.

After a nice cup of coffe and some TV later on tonight, a few hundred more small bodies are turning cold and stiff around the world. Counting 24/7.

Ignoring the signs.

Are we.

Is this the symptoms of a civilization on the right path?

Is it?

Do you support it?

Do you?

Do you accept it?

Do you?

Do you want it to continue?

Do you?

Ignore the signs?

You see, this is the price someone else is constantly paying, for you and me to have this kind of life that we live. Every second, someone else, somewhere else, is paying with pain, blood, misery or their lives, for us to sustain and maintain our way of life.

Would you give it all up to protect the life of a strangers child? Of course you would.

But you and i are concieved into a foolproof system, that is helping us…ignore the signs.

The pain that naked empathy and awearnes would cause us would destroy us.

So we go to sleep unmoved. Unwoken.

We are all monsters. Using our selfapproved license to kill the world.

Ignoring the signs.