…Tracy Chapman once sang.

Well, sometimes odd things happen.

A woman crashed into my car last december (her fault), and i finally got myself to drive my car to the shop, to make some judgments about the damages and report to the Insurance company.

Two days later the Insurance company called and said “it´s to expensive to repair your car, ya gonna get some cash instead and then you have to scrap it.”

So…i got my cash and went looking for a new car.

I stumbled upon a SAAB Turbo -98 (that´s a NEW car to me!) that cost about exactly the same amount that i got for my old car.

185 hp, shiny, fresh, modern, golden brown metallic, cruise control, electronic climat control, drive computer, car-alarm, remote-controlled locks, power windows, power steering, new turbo, new clutch, new brakes, full servicebook and a GREAT sound system and no rust or scratches.
…and it does 220 km/h without even breaking into sweat. whooooo…..

Now, keep in mind that my old car was a beat-up Volvo 745 from 1991 with 67200 english miles on the meter!

Yes, there´s a catch. I´ll have to change the transmission in a couple of years (costs about 1500 dollars, i checked), but i took that in consideration when buying it. The price is still a bargain!!!

I got the SAAB for about 3500 dollars ( 1 dollar= 6 SEK), and i´ve seen the same model with the same mileage and specifications costing up to 10 000 dollars!

Best of all, the car is all paid for! It didn´t cost me one dollar since the insurance money covered it all.

Well, i can´t live without a car. So now at least there´s one less thing to worry about on the pile of trouble.

Just have to figure out how to deal with the rest. *sigh*

But hey, the sun is shining, and with some serious denial, i can pretend, at least for this weekend, that i´m a carefree lad in his lower middle ages that drives his car into the sunset with a whistle on his lips. 🙂