For a time, when my father and others in his age said “well, there is not much new to say really, it has all been said and done in the sixties and early seventies” i just got mad at him.

I thought “hey, you don´t know our generation, we have our own issues and agendas and we are feeling and living our own material”.

Well.. yes that is true to some extent.


I´m fourty years old now, a record label owner and a studio manager, watching kids at the age 18-25 write their songs and scream their heads off on what they think is important.

Well… let me tell ya, if you learn your history well enough, you see that the “teen revolution” in the sixties contained and explained it all to the last drop. Everything you try to scream your longues out about today.

(I´m not one of them, it´s not my fault, i´ve just come to understand this, beeing born in the sixties, me myself struggeling with breaking free STILL.)

It was all spewed out then, and nothing much more to write home about.

The song you write, the scream you scream, has all been screamed before.

We have the same problems today. Same frustrations. The same love issues. The same hate towards the corporate grip of the market.

Really, let me tell ya, there was only one teenage revolution. Myself, and now the youth today, are just repeating it, only in a more…well “lame” manner.

And we really know that this is a fact, deep in our hearts, we know, we are just creating an illusionary revolution. We are just new faces and icons for a new generation, since the young girls that boys wanna lay is not gonna look at the generations before with their hormones.

-So music becomes an excuse for beeing young, from having been a real revolution that once took the world from one mindset to another way back when.

Ok, i admit, todays revolution in young music fills the same purpose, coming to the need of breaking bounds and releasing frustration as it did back then, but the words spoken in the sixties, said it all.

I have understood this from browsing tons of clips from band performances on YouTube.

All the ancient bands frustration and anger all apply to todays situation, with one important exception; their words are even MORE relevant today. And very precise.

New young, horny, agitated and frustrated boys and girls, strive to make the charts today also of course. It´s a force of nature. But they should realize, that when their parents say that “we were the first in doing that, we have said and expressed the very same thing you are trying to blow up the world with long before, and we STILL haven´t made the change” their words are painfully true.

The people that screamed about it so loudly in these days, grew up, took control over the system and sadly fell asleep, tucked in by money, prestige, materialism and politics.

It will never sieze to amaze me or puzzle me how that came to be.

Were they tempted by the power?
Did they compromise their original beliefs from beeing seduced by the opportunity to get a car, some money, a big house or a position in society?

I don´t know.

I know this; -a lot of them were driven by guilt. Seeking revenge on their parents demands on them beeing successful.

Like “my son is an academic, a doctor”. Wooooo (the crowd goes wild) what an ACHIEVEMENT to brag for the NEIGHBOURS about. Hey WE ARE NORMAL and our SON is a LAWYER! He´s a SUCCESS! Wooooo!” (Like achieveing a position in society would be a…success? The person that has “achieved” this may still be a rapist, an alcoholic, an abuser, a hipocrit or a total failure when coming to human skills.)

The trip of the working class climbing to new, totally useless hights.

I respected their original intentions more.

I loved you in the sixties, you bunch of the 40´s.

Where and when did you fail me? Where did you give in? What tempted you so much that you had to surrender to societys norms, not just giving in to it, but making it your own? When did you make the world your own little trip? Not ever letting go of it until you are safely buried? Leaving a very questionable world for us to try to handle?

I don´t know.

I just know, that you once were heroes. Creating hope through music that is the only real heritage nextcoming generations ever can have any use of.

The rest is, i´m sorry to say, completly useless.

I hope for new revolutions.