After laying low for almost two years in the media, my work has forced me to resurface a little to the public eye once again.

(At least it´s only on the local scene, for now)

In 1999-2003 i was exposed everywhere as the Internet-business demanded it from me, and i got a few kicks out of it as well, since it was my job to attract media and also, on a professional level as a consultant, to teach others how to handle it.

Then came my “crash and burn” that forced me into a long rest. I avoided media, i avoided people in general, beeing busy getting well and creating a new platform for my life again.


I came to realize a while ago (in my new roles), that i can´t have ambitions beeing an entertainment entrepeeur and recordcompany-manager and not be seen in the media.

So. Here i am again. Watching my inner professional clown and bullshitter reluctantly go at it again. -Radio interview this morning about a record release, a press conference at 1 pm, and then a local paper wanted me to be on the front page tomorrow as i recently wrote an article on our new football arena and the incompetence regarding it´s (non) use for rockconcerts and other events than football. *sigh* Here we go again.

I will attract a few enemies i guess. This alway happens when sticking out your nose. Still i dont know any method as effective for building your own brand and marketing your products as creating a little buzz around your own person.

Of course i prepare what message i want to get across before meeting the press. Of course i´m exactly awear of how to dress to enhance the message and where to have the pictures taken. All this is my profession., My trade. My knowledge. Not many people know this, since i havent practiced it for a few years, but I was so good at it a couple of years ago, that when i was at my peak, i could almost descide what and when something i worked with, a client or a product, would appear in editorial text in some of the largest Swedish newspapers.

Nowadays, i often feel blasé and unmotivated, i just can´t work up the ego needed for that kind of hustle anymore. I have a beautiful, small life, and wonderful routines with my kid and my little studio that i love. Still, i am a little attracted to the challenge of working media sometimes. I know the cirkus so well. Its a two way street between people like me and a working journalist to create a balance of mutual benefit. I think it serves the quality of editorial text many times when it´s at it´s best, but fall into cynical product placing at it´s worst (like when marketing diet pills för exaple, getting Aftonbladet to splash it up on the front page “Get thin now with this and that product”). That´ts pure hustle, i would never work like that.

I i´ll try to stay grounded and balanced this time.

The ball is rolling.