-Weird relations.
-My involment in politics.
-My work.
-Social status.

She helps me protect my integrity. Setting my priorities straight.
If i lose my compass, she always shows me the way.
Nothing is more valuable than her, my other kids… and my friends.

It all comes down to that.

No other thrill can compete.

Today we wrapped it up, finally, -“Kingens” new record.
First release on our own label. Now we can only pray (and build some marketing muscles to sell it)

Next release is the singer/songwriter “Hedda”. How did i end up doing this? I can´t remember where i took this turn in life. But now it is a fact. Our own label, publishing company and studio.

Feels… great i guess. But i´m not impressed by myself. I have started too many companies, have too much experience to dance around beeing naive and all to hopeful.
It´s fun, rewarding and interesting. That´s it. I´ve found my creative platform. For now. From now on, it´s just even more hard work. But i love what i´m doing, and can look myself in the mirror each morning with a bit of pride.

A little love and caring from someone i trust and feel comfortable around would be nice to top it off with…but it´s not absolutley neccesary. Would be a bonus though.

I really have an ok life. Considering how the world looks like at the moment, and how unhappy most people are, i think i got it together pretty ok.

I settle for that. For now.

And i miss you.