What is it about me that you see? What tickles?

My strength? My potency? My creativity? My verbal skills? My danger?

Then fuck you. Leave. Now.

You know… im not that much of a dreamfullfiller. I have no money, i don´t care about my fame or social status, i don´t buy cars etc.

I just want to be seen, accepted and loved. No questions asked.

I´m a man. Clean and simple, that finally learned to let go, to accept, to embrace, to tolerate, to see what´s within.

I often feel, that i have nothing to bring into a relationship. You know… “nothing to see here, i´m not for you, move along”.

Still, i know i have everything to bring, of what´s important.

Half baked souls, women, sometimes mistake me for a saviour, a salvation, someone who will bring meaning to the dark path of their lives. I don´t know. I don´t think i´m up for the task.

I need a lot of things myself. I need a woman that can undress herself completly before me. IN every aspect. A woman who can give, take charge sometimes, surprise me. Make me scream.

For me to release all my qualities in a relation, i need a two way communication. I don´t want to pose. I dont want to have to pretend that i´m an alpha-male. Even if i am sometimes.

I need to be able to die sometimes, to become five years old before a woman without her thinking less of me.

I am. I am.

I am everything you ever dreamed of. I have the skills to make your every wish come true.

But i don´t want that to be the foundation of your interest in me.

Please, let me fall apart before you, then understand, accept and forgive me and accept my flaws. Accept me, see me and then adore me. Without me having to perform. At all.

That is the secret. That would conquere my heart.