After seeing Alex Schulman launching the site “1000 apor”, seeing, “Filip & Fredrik” starting yet another TV-show in an endless row of series in the same style and generally watching the overall media-scene shrinking into itself in a kind of “introvert-perverted-blog-expose-me-and-recycle-the-desperation-mode”, i can only state the fact that “Default City” is close to crashing and needs an urgent reboot of its system.

The painful lack of hight and creativity is oozing like an embarrassing odor around every little mediahouse in our capital city. The conformism, nepotism, shallowness and stupidity is limitless.

This will of course cause a counter-reaction in society eventually, turning the audiences in new directions. You can´t keep human minds hostage feeding them empty and narcissistic stupidity alone. Not forever.

I do not watch TV anymore. At all.

I had to clean my mind.

I had to detox from media pollution. TV and tabloids are so very 1998.

But, there are constructive alternatives;
-The internet is still a free arena for the mind, as you make active descisions every minute of what to feed your brain. You are active, hunting, exploring, choosing, participating, contributing.

Reading books is also a way of giving your mind a rest and an excersize at the same time.
It doesn´t matter what you read, as long as you just read, keeping your mind active in creating images and scenarios from the text.

Blogging s good. If you do it from a perspective where you explore and reflect on your day, your relations, your, future, your opinions and your life.

Healthy evolution of your mind. Taking control of your environment, your power, your free will, your future.

But if you stay in the shit, settling for the latest news on Paris Hilton, Alex Schulman and the rest of the illusionary famous, you will turn into a freak sooner or later. Living a poor excuse of a life. Drinking too much, playing Internet-poker, growing a sex-addiction, getting weirder and weirder in the hands of the market. I promise you. It´s a fact.