There´s something going on.
Something that people over 50 cant grasp.
It´s just beyond their comperhension. Invisible to them, as they don´t have the eyes and knowledge to see it.

Old people say “there´s a terror war going on”
Young muslims go on YouTube singing “I´m a muslim.. booooh”, laughing.

Old people say “There´s a political crisis in our land”
Young people say “What´s politics? Is it ateble?”

Old people say “We must fight racism”
Young people say “What´s racism?”

Old people say “We have to secure our finances”
Young people say “I never had finances, what´s that?”

Old people say “We need to give women equal rights”
Young people say “What?? -they need MORE than 50%?”

Old people say “We need to protect our borders”
Young people in front of their computers say “There are borders?”


My point is, that it may not be very noticable yet, the world is still run by 60-year-olds, but they have one foot in retirement and new people are filling their seats. People that do not remember a world without a cellphone, without 200 TV-channels. People that dont have a clue of who Gorbatjof was, and to whom the “cold war” is as ancient and distant as Napoleon and “Waterloo” is to “OLD” people. Younger people, that already have adapted to, and are living by a completly different set of values.

Of course, change will take time. There are a lot of OLD people, that are still bringing up their own new breed of YOUNG people (finance brats, old money etc.) to protect their old way of life and conservativ values. But still. The landslide has just begun and it is irreversible. Maby the OLD people will have the time to ruin the world completly before the last one of them is dead and their infected culture with them, but change will come anyway.

The humanity is slowly consolidating, as every aspect of our worlds cultures are avalible to everyone, no matter from what “country”. This consolidation will take maby two generations more to complete, but the world, if not destroyed before, will eventually be run by people with other goals, needs and perspectives on all the issues we now wrestle with.

In the most natural and effortless way.

The majority of people under the age of 30 today, is neglecting the 20th century and all that was in it, not caring much about what formed the problems. People over 60 will be completley obsolete and irrelevant to them in just a few years. In 15 years, they will all be dead.

In the middle between “OLD” people and “YOUNG” people, there is us, the 40 year-olds. We have one foot in both worlds. We are the last bridge to the old definitions. Since we are next in line for having the power over the world, we better be very careful not following the “OLD” peoples agenda, inheriting and passing on the shit once again. No, we have the opportunity to adapt the world to the next generetions agenda and needs. We must be the ones to fight for it, to tear down the ugliness of the old world.

These are my beliefs. And i am prepared, to act on my words every single minute, for the rest of my life.

/Stefan Hallgren