Rock lyrics of the day: (In stead of “Bible verse of the day”)

I´ve come to understand, that almost every aspect of life between woman and man has been captured in the lyrics of a song somewhere.

This is two pieces below, that captures my mood and understandings of this day today. Read it. I´ts not trivial. It is the facts of life.




Well I pick up my guitar, (I tune up)
I look in the mirror
Its like a stranger in my hand (the baby is crying)
There comes a time when the boy must leave (get up)
And the man has to enter
For the soul to understand (all of the changes)

As if it aint hard enough
this life Im living in
I was caught with my guard down
When the world came knocking
I feel the big beat, the rock of life

Waking up blind with the house on fire

Ive been cut so deep but I cant make it bleed
I was caught with my head in the sand
When the world came knocking

(Rick Springfield)


I wake up every night
To the sound of breaking glass
Got troops in the bed
And tanks in the hall

I kidnapped and held for ransom (the one in me)
The one in me that you loved
We wait for the fall
And put emotional bullet holes in the wall
And we bothKeep sending signals all is well:”Wish you were here”

Honeymoon in Beirut
Although I keep on sending postcardsfrom heaven (tell me)
Why do I stay (I don’t know)
Honeymoon in Beirut
And we still keep pretending sixes are sevens (tell me)
Why can’t we say
There is no honeymoon(this is no honeymoon) no
This is no honeymoon(there is no honeymoon) no

Honeymoon in Beirut
there are no peace talks pending, no quarter given (there’s just)
blood on the bed, where there used to be love

Strategy and maneuvers (have replaced)
Any love that was here
We have dinner in silence
And bullets with beer
I don’t know what you want (my defeat)
Or complete surrender
Or peace in our time
While in bed we draw the battle line
And we sit, out in the rain
Writing cards to friends back home
The weather is fine

And we stand out in the rain
Smiling as we sink like a stone
And hope for the end (whatever it is)

(Rick Springfield)

These are boths songs, from the time when rock lyrics still had some poetry left in them.