What if you stopped thinking about that flat-TV you want and gave your mother a hug?

What if you turned the computer off and went out for a walk.

What if you stopped thinking abut how much money you would need and play whith your kids for a while instead.

What if you skipped McDonalds today and ate something you really felt good about instead?

What if you took a long bath, while thinking of how you could treat yourself better, in all aspects.

What if you let go of your hangup on that old love and set him/her free forever.

What if you walked out of a bad relation today, never to look back

What if you quit your job and relied on welfare for a couple of months, investigating what you should be working with instead, bulding a new platform.

What if you claimed your freedom and your right to feel what you want, say what you feel, wish for what you want, getting respect from others and happiness for yourself.

What if?

The tripple of happiness:

1. Get to know what you need and then speak it. Tell it to yourself and others. What you truly need. Without limitations.

2. Get to know your borders and principals of how you will let others treat you. Find out what´s hurting you, and raise the borders to it. Protect that borders. Do not accept them to be violated. By anyone. Grow integrity. Grow safety.

3. Treat yourself AND others with respect, generousity, responsability and care. Both emotionally, mentaly and physically. In every moment.

Do you know why you are miserable? I know. It´s because you have failed the above, or never tried to understand it, to implement it. I fail it myself all the time. I do not live by my own standards in full. Yet. But i´m aware of them and i´m reaching towards them.. That´s the difference.

I narrowed it down to two alternatives:

1. We can fall into the numbness of the system, beein safely transported to our grave by it, never thinking twice about why we feel like exploding in tears a few times every day.

2. Or, we can reclaim our independence, intelligence, freedom, our emotions, our free will, our true happiness, living on our own terms, by our own standards an values, fully awear of every day lived, never missing a beat.

The second alternative is not very easy, nor is it very pleasant in the beginning. But it could be worth a try, since i´ts never to late to fall back into the numbness of the system again. It will always be there to welcome us back into it´s deathgrip. Don´t worry. You can close your eyes again if the new responsability gets to scary.

What we do with this information is up to ourselves.
But it is the truth. Everyone can be happy, owning next to nothing but the very basics.

So it´s your choice.

Go off today and buy a flat-TV by all means.

That´ll save the day. For today. But you better be prepared to buy something else tomorrow, to ease the pain, to keep yourself numb.

You know better. Why do you stay?