..trying to make the god damn record of “Kingen” to sell. Ya really think i have time to write and having existensial crappy moodswings on my blog then? Nah! I leave that for calmer days.


-I made the singback mixes for “Kingens” performance on the main arena on Biathlon WC in Österund on upcoming Saturday.
-I rehearsed (guitar) so i can make it look real when miming and faking three songs saturday when we are performing on the arena (Yes, “Kingen” couldn´t find a guitarist so i´ll jump in as a “singback-slave”) witch means i have to stand and pretend playing in front of a lot of cameras to pre-recorded music LOL. Well yes, it is a bit fun also, it is.

You know, either i have a problem with folks or they have a problem with me. I don´t know.

They just can´t seem to grasp the idea that i can be BOTH a guitarist, a music video director, a recording engineer, a business strategist, a politician, a father, an entrepenerur, a writer, a song writer, a columnist, a musician, an IT-advisor, a media-consultant and a plain human all at the same time!

I really shouldn´t care, but i hate it when people try to put lables on me, excluding one craft or skill from the other in me.

What says that i can´t have experience from beeing a manager as an IT-consultant in an International company and still be able to do the other stuff?

You know, im also an educated engineer of stage-light-computers in the professional sphere, i can handle a lighting computer board professionally on big festivals, a sound board,, i have a degree as a property engineer and i´m also very good at electronics.. not to mention the fact that i sing pretty well and run a recordcompany.

What´s the matter? I DO IT ALL VERY WELL thank you, not compromising or taking short cuts!

It has been my trip, doing, learning and evolving!

Does one fact or trade i´ve done exclude the other? You think i´ve taken shortcuts, cheating just pretending and not doing it right to the bottom?

Then shame on you.

That shit cost me my health, my money, my family relations, almost my sanity doing, working and learning all that.

But i do it, and did it well.

Few people has a track record like mine. No one has stood before Swedens most powerful Business men on boardmeetings taking heat in one moment, just to run off to a studio session a couple of hours later.

That´s just the way i´ve lived my life. Of COURSE i got damaged a little in the process!
No one does that much in such a short time without having consequenses.
Not many people in my little hometown in Östersund has the slightest idea or slightest grasp of the magnitude of things i´ve been working with or in.

Hm…well i´m just mad at the fact that some people think that having great skills and experience in one area has to exclude another.
Like beeing a good singer has to exclude beeing a great business strategist. What´s the problem in that?

That´s not the case for me, in my life.
The thing is, that i love learning. Learning every little thing for real, in depth. Knowing the craft and inner systems in things. I don´t know why i´m like this. But i think it´s a good thing.

This theme got upon me today, when i realized that i´m gonna be onstage on saturday. I thought; “what if all the people that see me as an Internetconsultant, politician or media-advisor, think i´m just another guitarist-clown just because they see me standing there before20 000 people for ten minutes before the cameras”. Should i have to avoid it just to uphold some lame credibility in a certain area?

Well, i descided that that´s their problem. I´ll do it. Cause it´s fun. It makes me feel good. So fuck ya all that may think different. 🙂