(Didn´t “Haddaway” have a hit with that song in the early nineties?)

No seriously. I read the blog of a very dear friend today and she challanged her readers to describe love in six sentences or less.

I thought “easy, i do that shit all the time” and sat down to write.

And my mind went completly blank.

I mean, what IS love?

As a subject.

It´s easy to describe the consequenses of love, the parameters of love… but…LOVE?

What is it?

Damn…I´m gonna call her for shure and give her some serious heat for asking such a HARD question. 😀

Hmm.. ok, here goes nothing:

-Love is absolute respect and limitless unselfishness.
-Love is caring for eachoter in every possible way and defend eachothers right to be safe.
-Love is communicating fearlessly, heart to heart with absolute truth.
-Love is accepting, embracing and forgiving anything we learn about eachoter doing so.
-Love is unconditional generousity.
-Love is cherishing and supporting eachothers needs for freedom, happiness and security.

That´s six sentences.

Think about it.

If we ever find a person, that gives us all of the above, we will learn what true love is.

Do you have such love in you life?

Are you prepared to give love of such quality as described above?

If every person would implement the contents of those six sentences through all their life, nothing would ever go wrong in this world.

I have met such love.

I have.

Oh my god. I just realized…i have met such love.