Do you know that?

Do you at least know if it´s in a good or a bad direction?

Do you know if you are treating yourself good along the way?

Do you know if you treat others with love, care and respect in your everyday life?

If not, then shouldn´t you?

Do you have an an excuse for not doing so?

If then, what?

How are you treating your parents, kids, siblings or friends?

Can you tell if it´s in a good or bad manner?

Maby you feel they don´t deserve to be treated well.


You want revenge?

Does revenge make you feel good?

———————————— can all tell where i´m heading as usual. But;

-I will keep hammering this message on all ya heads until you understand that there are no rational grounds for not treating yourself or others with unconditional love, care and respect.

Today, we are going to disect evil. Putting it under the microscope, looking at it closely for a while;

I´ve been wondering about some things.

-What if i suddenly one day walked up to a terrorist with a bomb taped to his waist, about to make some hideous deed, and asked, “Hey mister, you really want to see all these people dead?”

I want to look him in the eyes. See what mechanisms are broken in there, in his mind.
Where did it go wrong. How could a person justify killing anyone at all? How does the motivation build? How does the chain of descisions look like in his mind? What beliefs can be so strong, that it´s ok to massacre other people, including oneself and a lot of unknowing bystanders?

Is it a mean of power? Over what then? Over blood and dead meat on a dirty street in the middle east? Over some innocent lives extinguished? Over some media about it?

Not much to have power of.

But…to have the ability to stop it and make a peace of the mess.. now THAT´s power!

I feel i must learn so much more.

You see…..a person with a mental diagnosis i can at least understand. Serial killers and psychopaths i can understand. They have a condition. It´s completly expected they going off and slaughter people. It´s the nature of their disease.

But i can´t understand people killing, abusing and supressing eachother in the name of subjective morality, religion, ethics, values, money or power.

This is the darkest side of humanity.

Well… i CAN understand it.- But the underlying mechanisms of it is harder to grasp. The evil greed and selfishness that seems to be hiding in so many people.. easily provoced to surface, turning the person into a monster.

Again: Where are you heading?

Are you going to add or subtract to the shit of the world today? In any aspect. Big or small.
Just for example; -Will you do good by doing the dishes, or will you be doing bad by spreding a bad rumour about someone.
Will you hurt somebody, abuse yourself, or will you do something constructive?

Every second holds an option of making a better choice, in every situation.

Really. I´m serious.

What´s it gonna be?

Statisticly speaking, sooner or later a rapist is gonna read this blog. “Hi rapist! Had fun did ya?”

And also, someday, statisticly speaking, a man beating his wife will read this. “Hi mister, i bet you slapped her around real good this weekend right?, Kids were watching? Oh, nevermind, you can slap them around too”.

(Now that was some pretty scary stuff to write… and i figure it was reading it also.)

But i was making a point by overenhancing something important:.

Do you do harm? In what situations? Of what kind? Who gets to suffer from it? Only you?

Do you drink? Gamble? Steal? Cheat? Lie?

All i say is that everyday presented, represents a chance to stop it and start to do constructive, caring, meaningful, honest and loving things instead.

It´s just a matter of how you choose to live.
You are completly responsible for the choices you make, and also, the choices you avoid to make.

Completly responsible. In every second awake.

It´s you.