If you carry any shit with yo;. Dump it elsewhere.
I´m done with misery.

You are welcome to bring: Massage, laughter, sex, challenging conversations, a lust for fun dinners, travels and contemporary culture.

To keep my attention, you need to: Treat me like i´m exclusive, show every little corner in your life and mind to me, let me all the way into the places you almost dont dare to go yourself, you also need to trust me, to take great care of what i confide and invest in you.

Walking beside me, having my attention and care, has a price., if it´s not worth the price, then go after someone else. Now. I am not for you.
Dont try to drag me into: No Ikea-shit, no suburb-villa, no ordinary life-in-a-coma, no depressing relation-traps, no jelousy, no neuroses, no selfishness, no hidden agendas etc.

You can´t catch me with the promise of flirt, sex and fun only. I´m not impressed. You need to be bigger than that.You need to prove that i am important to you.
I wont take a supporting role in the outskirts of your life.I only take the leading role, or nothing at all.

Keep away if you only want to get close to me for a purpose to heal your own crap.
If you have something to bring, like love, a womans generousity, creativity and inspiration, loyalty and genuine frienship.

Well, then you are welcome. You may enter.

If not; Stay the fuck away.