You know what i´d really like to do?

I would like to start a community of people who think and experience the world the way i do.
And call it “Happy Minds”. Simply.

I simply wonder, if there are more people than me that:

1. -Feel completly uninterested and alienated from the way that society has grown to become. A feeling of not relating to all the heavy advertising and shallow media or longing for matierial stuff, striving for market created illusions of happiness. People who want to jump off the wagon of forced, unawear, automatic, pointless consumtion.

2. -Has adaped a humanistic and a bit pacifistic way of thinking. Who are living a life that moves away from drugs, hate, war, abuse and all the destructive things surrounding us. People who are conciously reflecting and acting upon all big and small events in everyday life with care, friendship, respect and love. For real.

3. -Searches for a way to live, where we get to use and also profit from our real talents, the real passion that motivates and drives us, when all the layers of old jobs and educations are peeled off.

4. -Are working towards total responsability and complete truth in every single moment. Meaning you understand that all that is bad in your life, is there because you let it in and are letting it stay, and that you have every possability in the world to change it for the better by throwing out what´s hurting you and then start choosing what elements you really want to have in your life.

5. -Are tired of beeing neglected, ignored, unwanted, unseen and powerless, longing for an ability and the strength to change. Change yourself. Your relation. Your surrouindings. Your context. Your values. To gain power and control over your future, not beeing victomized by your own weakness and preprogrammed behaviours. You want to evolve, getting the full value of a true life lived. Outside the cynical and bloodless society-norms that chains us to the ground. Keeping us frustrated and miserable.

I mean… do i really want to spend the rest of my days in this prison politicians and market forces has created for me? On their terms? Because it is a prison. I know you can feel it the same way i do. Shouldn´t i live on _my_ terms?

Of course, i´m not preaching unconditional individualism, i only mean that the common democratic machine is broken, and the market is really doing it´s best to create a prison of Orwellian proportions (1984) and… so many of us really just accept it by habit. Just because we have food on the table, we think we are fine, letting ourselfs die inside. Slowly sufficating the true elements of creativity, love, energy and happiness that are in us, fighting for survival.

I descided not to let that happen. I started my battle a few years ago. I have at least come as far, where i can see that there is a kind of freedom and independence to gain from changing lifestyle.
It´s hard. It takes a lot of goodbyes to a lot of stuff one is used to, from alcohol for some, to mislead carrieer ambtions for others. I´m not saying it´s easy. But if the alternative is to just… live a poor excuse of a life until you die, in the hands of people you dont respect or trust, then the choice becomes easier.

I dont know. I´m just looking out for one or two souls that may just have the longing for the same things that i do. That´s all. I´m not trying to start a new Scientology church or something here LOL 😀

I know you all feel, that something out there is not working as it´s supposed to, and that causes something inside us to break too. Like a feeling of having been very mislead and fooled by authorities that really should have acted more awear, respectful and responsible around us.

That´s all for today. There may be Happy Minds in the future. I hope.